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June 2012

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Monthly Archives: June 2012

My Vitural and Authontic Amateur Radio Sites

CQ100 Hamsphere EchoLink Eqso

Misc Ham

Clipart Favorites

NASA/JPL Favorites

The Virtual and Authontic Ham Radio Site KA4PNV



This Blog isĀ  dedicated to Amateur and Virtual Radio

Get a great deal of info on the hobbies.Also there links to my

own sites covering Hamsphere,CQ 100,echolink etc.I have my

own Short wave radio site,CB radio,Ham Radio,Police Scanner

as well videos on you tube. Amateur Radio History,And history

and pictures on vintage radio.So look around may see

something of interest,and learn a little besides.

It’s not just a hobbie its a Passion and a never

ending field of technology so take a look around.Hope you like it

ARS KA4NV John Lyons

Welcome to Blogs!



Hamsphere on PSK31 Or Rtty

Hamsphere With Digipan,It’s quite touchy to set up without

Exceeding the audio out limit.But does work when it’s under

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